Non-Technical Skills


Non-Technical (Soft) skills are just as important and relevant as the bits-and-bytes and making it all happen technically.  Over the years I have gained expertise in these non-technical areas:

  • Communicating with both technical and non-technical personnel
  • Developing sites not only from a technical standpoint but from a business standpoint as well
  • Asking lots and lots of questions and not assuming the first-cut documents are the final product (don’t assume anything)
  • Ensuring the deliverables are what the user really needs, not necessarily what he/she “thinks” they need
  • Developing sites with Usability (UI) as the primary factor
  • Providing redesign ideas to improve appeal, user interface, load times and content quality
  • Managing projects from conceptualization through implementation
  • Managing both internal and external team members

Below are a few additional skills that may prove helpful at some point:

  • Excellent writing ability, with expertise and experience in developing website content, proposals, documentation, user manuals, design specifications and more
  • Video expertise in both shooting and editing (many wedding videos under my belt)
  • Recruiting and staffing for both internal positions and external consultants

(also see Technical Skills)