Expanded Portfolio

Below is an expanded portfolio to provide a brief overview of my breadth of experience. However these are by no means all inclusive. Some of the designs were provided by Graphic Designers while others were my designs. And, as with the screenshots on the main Portfolio page, I was responsible for the development on all of these. Likewise, most of these designs are older and non-responsive, as many of these companies have closed or the sites have been redesigned by in-house groups.

Note: Clicking on the thumbnail will bring up an enlarged, full-page view. Since this enlarged image is responsive in itself, it is highly recommended to view this page in larger screen devices ... larger tablets, laptops or desktops.

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“I found myself thinking like our sales guys and trying to get into other people's leads. Despite my best efforts (manipulating URL's) I couldn't see any leads but those I'm supposed to. I just got a nice little message telling me to check with service if you feel you received this message in error. I LOVE that!!”