Soft Skills
I have proven success in these non-technical (soft) skills as well:
  • Prioritizing and scheduling tasks and to-dos ... great time-management skills
  • Extremely well organized, focused and driven in all project tasks
  • Communicating with both technical and non-technical personnel
  • Managing projects from conceptualization through implementation
  • Managing both internal and external team members
  • Leading teams in conversions from/to different hardware/software platforms
  • Working remotely from my home office
  • Working with remote clients and teams from all points in North America (North Carolina to California, Florida to Western Canada) spanning multiple time zones
  • Handling stress very well ... won't crack under pressure
  • Developing applications not only from a technical standpoint but from a business and usability (UI) standpoint as well
  • Asking lots of questions and not assuming anything
  • Extreme proficiency in digging in and quickly learning and understanding new (and legacy) applications, proving extremely valuable for debugging, enhancements and problem solving (great problem-solving skills)
  • Video expertise in both shooting and editing (I have many wedding videos under my belt, in case you could use these ancillary skills)

Technical Writing

In addition to my technical and soft skills, I have solid Technical Writing abilities. Expertise and experience in Technical Writing includes proposals, various documentation, user manuals, design specifications, website content and more. I can take a mish-mash of notes and raw data and create professional documents both for internal use and for client presentations. Unfortunately since almost all of my writing has been for private use, I cannot provide any examples. However provide me with raw input, let me know what you need and you'll see what I can do.

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“I found myself thinking like our sales guys and trying to get into other people's leads. Despite my best efforts (manipulating URL's) I couldn't see any leads but those I'm supposed to. I just got a nice little message telling me to check with service if you feel you received this message in error. I LOVE that!!”